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BRAD RIMMER-Silence: Limited Edition



BRAD RIMMER Silence The Western Australian Wheatbelt LIMITED BOXED EDITION WITH TWO TYPE-C PRINTS After more than two decades of international exhibition in the US, Europe and China, Brad Rimmer explores where he came from in Silence: the Western Australian wheatbelt. Born in Wyalkatchem, Rimmer chose at nineteen to escape what he saw then as a bleak future in the once-thriving wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Silence, with essays by Susan Bright and Paola Anselmi, is an intensely personal and sometimes painful monograph. Rimmer presents images that capture the region’s permeating dust, heat and isolation and negotiates a delicate balance between hope and despair in his frank portraits of those who remain.

The limited edition of fifty boxed sets of Silence: the Western Australian Wheatbelt includes:
Custom-made Clamshell case (30.3 x 38.5 x 6.5 cm /12 x 15 x 2.5 in).
Hardcover book, 96 pages Silence: the Western Australian wheatbelt.

Two Type-C prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Flex (28 x 35.6 cm /11 x 14 in) numbered and signed by the Brad Rimmer of (1) Jess, Wyalkatchem, Summer 2005/06. (2) Dowerin, Autumn 2005.

A Certificate of Authenticity, signed and numbered with edition. Cotton gloves to safeguard print while handling.

Type-C prints on Fuji Crystal Archive Flex selected for both its exceptional ability to faithfully reproduce rich and intense colours and its high resistance to fading and yellowing. It is presented in an archive-quality stable, inert 75-micron polyester sleeve that is guaranteed not to react chemically with contents.

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